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PM Modi on Friday bashed the Congress as well the Left for their “brazenness” for openly opposing and criticizing the Centre’s “anti-graft” steps. He said this on the last day of the Parliament, pointing out how the entire winter sessions has been unproductive because of the Opposition’s constant heckling and ruckus in the Parliamentary sessions.

He targeted the Manmohan Singh led Congress government of looting the country for its own selfish greed. While the Congress party has always put their interests over the country’s, for BJP, the interest of the nation is of supreme importance.

This time too, he appealed the people to get acquainted with digital technology, so that their daily business, commerce and transactions are not affected. This is necessary to drive out corruption and black money out of the country.

He said that “Earlier the ruling side, especially Congress, would commit scams like 2G, coal-gate, Bofors and the Opposition would then unite and fight against it on the principle of honesty.”

“But now the ruling side, the BJP-led NDA, has started a campaign again black money and corruption and opposition parties are standing against it,” he said.

He also recalls how former PM Indira Gandhi had been advised to bring in demonitisation but she did not do it. Even the previous UPA government did nothing to curb corruption during the 10 years of reign.

“The Wanchoo committee had said it will boost economy. Now after 45 years we have done demonetisation but Congress is opposing it. The Left has also joined hands with Congress,” he said.  He further said that “for us, the country’s interests are always above the party’s. For Congress, party’s interests are above the country’s.”

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Posted by News18 on 16 ಡಿಸೆಂಬರ್ 2016